Awesome Venice!

Little to say, unique in the world! I have been to Venice a few times, but every time is an incredible emotion. I was there twice for presenting one of my papers at the GRETA conference on Credit Risk. The conference is outstanding in the field, however just the venue of the conference is much …

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Ground Zero

It is unbelievable how emotional is to pass through Ground Zero. There are two big fountains where there were the twin towers, and you can read the names of those thousands of people died on that terrible day that changed the modern history. Ground Zero is just a part of the financial district of New …

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Welcome to Kortrijk!

Kortrijk is a small city in the hearth of the Fladres. I visit Kortrijk twice a year since 2014 to teach in the Hantal Business School of the Vives University. My course of Statistics is attended by Erasmus students coming from around all Europe, and more recently also from non-European countries. Kortrijk is a nice …

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