Paper Accepted at the Conference on Econometric Research in Finance – Warsaw 2019

Here the official letter: “Dear Dr Raffaele Corvino, We are delighted to inform you that your paper submission Dynamic Ownership,Private Benefits, and Stock Prices has been accepted for presentation at theERFIN Workshop 2019 hosted by SGH Warsaw School of Economics on September13, 2019 in Warsaw.“ I will fly to Warsaw then on the mid of …

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Updating Papers

The update version of the papers will be available very soon. Old Matlab codes still apply to new versions. Currently revising the Matlab code of the paper “Dynamic Ownership, Private Benefits, and Stock Prices”. Will be available later on. Of this paper, you can have a nice overview from the set of slides just uploaded.

Oslo: EFA Meeting

This lodge located in the hearth of Oslo is wonderful, and you don’t’ really realise it until you are inside. Having a dinner there is an experience to be reminded in the life, even more if this is the gala dinner of the Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. It was really an honour …

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Awesome Venice!

Little to say, unique in the world! I have been to Venice a few times, but every time is an incredible emotion. I was there twice for presenting one of my papers at the GRETA conference on Credit Risk. The conference is outstanding in the field, however just the venue of the conference is much …

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Ground Zero

It is unbelievable how emotional is to pass through Ground Zero. There are two big fountains where there were the twin towers, and you can read the names of those thousands of people died on that terrible day that changed the modern history. Ground Zero is just a part of the financial district of New …

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