About me

Who I am

In few words, I am a young academic, with a deep passion for fitness, travels, and political matters. I am a Doctor in Finance. I have obtained the Ph.D. at Cass Business School in London, and I am currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Torino. In my professional life, I combine academic research in financial economics, and teaching in several Universities. I have obtained my Bachelor (in 2008) and my first Master degree in Economics (2011) at the University of Tor Vergata in Roma, and my second Master degree in Finance at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino (2012).

After that, I moved to London where I have started the doctorate in Finance, with the aim of pursuing an academic career in a prestigious institution. I have presented my works in several conferences and seminars around the world: New York, San Antonio, Oslo, Venice, Lubjiana, Roma, Torino, Pavia, Bruxelles. For three years, since 2014, I have taught at the Master in Finance of the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Torino. Moreover, twice a year, since 2014, I have travelled to Kortrijk (Flandres, Belgium), to teach Statistics&Business to Erasmus students. In 2016, I have spent six months in Singapore, to work in the Risk Management Institute of the National University of Singapore.

Before moving abroad, I have been deeply engaged in politics. It has always been one of the biggest passions of my life, since I was at the high school. I have been local and regional representative for the youth organization of the Democratic Party, and I have organised many activities such as seminars, conferences, demonstrations, and schools of politics.  

I love to take care of my brain and my body, at the same time. Do not believe people who say that one subtracts time to the other, it is the fakest news ever! I train, if I can, every day! I became first level Personal Trainer and I am a natural bodybuilder, that means that my body benefits only of training and good food, without any kind of artificial substance.


Curriculum Vitae

RAFFAELE CORVINO, 25/12/1987, Italian
Personal Website: www.raffaelecorvino.com
Phone Number:  +39 3465316931

Current Position:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Economics and Statistics – University of Torino


Ph.D. in Finance, Cass Business School – City University London, 2019
Committee: L. Sarno (internal examiner), J. Zechner (external examiner), G. Fusai and E. Schroth (supervisors)
M.Sc. in Finance, Collegio Carlo Alberto – University of Torino, 2012
M.Sc. in Economics, University of Tor Vergata (Roma), Summa Cum Laude, 2011
B.A. in Economics, University of Tor Vergata (Roma), 2008

Academic Positions:
Visiting Researcher, Collegio Carlo Alberto – University of Torino, 2017
Visiting Ph.D. Scholar, Risk Management Institute – National University of Singapore, 2016

Teaching Positions:

Spring 2018, Portfolio Theory and Investment Valuation (undergraduate),
Cass Business School, Visiting Lecturer
Fall 2017, Financial Econometrics (undergraduate), Mathematical Finance (undergraduate)
Cass Business School, Teaching Assistant
2014-2017, Asset Pricing and Portfolio Theory (MSc),
Collegio Carlo Alberto, Visiting Lecturer
2014-present, Statistics and Application to Business (undergraduate),
Vives University, Visiting Lecturer
Fall 2014, Statistics and Business (undergraduate), Investment Markets (undergraduate),
Cass Business School, Teaching Assistant

Conference Positions:

2019, European Economic Association (forthcoming), Financial Management Association (forthcoming)

2018, Midwest Finance Association (San Antonio, USA)

2016, European Finance Association (Oslo, Norway), GRETA Credit Risk (Venice, Italy), World FinanceConference (New York, USA)

2015, Money, Banking and Finance Conference (Pavia, Italy), SOFIE Summer School of Econometrics (Bank of
Belgium, Bruxelles)

2014, Young Finance Scholars Conference (Sussex, UK)

2012, Quantitative Finance Workshop (L’Aquila, Italy)

2012 to present, Seminar Presentations at Cass Business School, City University London, National University of
Singapore, LUISS University, London School of Mathematical Finance, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Ca’ Foscari
University, University of Bristol, NEOMA Business School, CUNEF Madrid

Working Papers:
“Dynamic Ownership, Private Benefits, and Stock Prices”
“Default Risk Premium in Credit and Equity Markets” (with G. Fusai)
“The Relative Pricing of Sovereign Credit Risk After the Eurozone Crisis” (with F. Ruggiero)
“Hedging Labor Income Risk over the Life-Cycle” (with F. Bagliano, C: Fugazza, and G. Nicodano)

Work in Progress:

“Corporate Acquisitions and Default Risk: A Structural Approach” (with S.Sacchetto)

Academic References:
Professor Lucio Sarno
Cass Business School

Professor Giovanna Nicodano
University of Torino

Dr. Dino Palazzo
Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board

Professor Stefano Sacchetto
IESE Business School